Underwater: The Aurora Chronicles (Book 1) – Signed Paperback Copy


Underwater: The Aurora Chronicles is a slow burn, dark fantasy novel from the perspective of the female MC – Aurora Marie Walker.

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Underwater: The Aurora Chronicles is a slow burn, dark fantasy romance novel series from the perspective of the lead female character – Aurora Marie Walker.
This story is full of magic, slow burn romance, strong female MC, morally gray male MC, fantasy worlds and quirky banter.
You will love this novel if you like:
🖤Fantasy Worlds
🖤Soul Mates
🖤Dark Aesthetics
🖤Elements of Horror
🖤Snarky Banter
🖤Slow Burn Romance
This is a signed paperback copy from the author.
Royal bloodlines. Dangerous enemies. Secret powers. And a battle torn world.

Does that sound like something your family should keep from you? Well, mine did.How did I find out you ask?

By walking face first into their dangerous double life and into a deadly destiny I couldn’t talk my way out of.

Hi. My name is Aurora Marie Walker.

For three years, I’ve been ghosting through this half-life of mine in sunny San Diego, after my parents and oldest brother Tanner perished in a deadly accident. They left me and my two older brothers – Garrett and Ryder – behind to pick up the pieces. Instead of moving on, we moved away from Brookings, Oregon with my best friend Kate in tow, hoping to put the past behind us. However, the past didn’t want to let me go.

You see, I have a secret I am ashamed of. A secret my mother told me to hide from everyone, including my brothers. A secret that will not allow me to let go of the past. Tired of being tormented by their memory and this secret, I needed to point my truck north to go home and find closure – alone.

Instead, I found anything but closure, and learned I was anything but alone.

.: Page Count: 496
.: Format: Paperback
.: Series: Book 1 of 4
.: Language: English
.: Publication Date: October 1st, 2022
.: Dimensions: 6″ X 1.22″ X 9″
.: ISBN-13 #: 979-8986933818
.: Customization: Signed Copy
Trigger Warnings:
  • Death & Dying
  • Coping with Loss
  • Torture
  • Blood & Gore
  • Fighting
  • Dealing with Depression
  • Domestic Abuse



“WOW! This book was so intriguing! The other world that they traveled to, all the secrets kept, mysteries, creatures and Gavin.
I loved the quotes at the beginning of each chapter that gave you all the upcoming vibes. Definitely saved some for future use.
I feel for Aurora of being thrown into this life that she knew nothing about. The betrayal from those she loved the most and the strength that she has to continue to fight for this new life and the people she loves.
Gavin is a new book boyfriend! If a mystery guy showed up to defend me- I would be swooning. (I don’t want to give too much away but he is protective, caring and would do anything for Aurora).
I will be here patiently waiting for the next book in this series. I need more of Gavin and Aurora in my life.
Thank you to the author for the eARC!” – Megs Sailing And Reading, from Goodreads


“Enjoyed it from beginning to end. From the very beginning I was intrigued just because of the issues Aurora had to deal with her in life had me. Then to have a whole new set of issues from another world dropped on to her makes you feel for her.
I applaud the author in actually showing the struggles and depression Aurora was dealing with and not just glancing over it or making it a small thing. It helped you see Aurora develop throughout the book.
And Gavin goodness! He is the definition of the guy you know you shouldn’t want but you do. He is dark but has this light in him that is trying to escape. Seeing him develop throughout and dealing with struggles makes him even more appealing. The tension and banter between Gavin and Aurora is wonderful.
The secondary characters are also well written. Aurora’s best friend Kate has to be one of favorites. She is that best friend everyone needs in their life. It was wonderful to see that she had people close to her and help her get through her issues. Her brothers are a little over protective but that is what older brothers tend to do but they do let her take her own path even with hesitation.
The new world that they fall into is has the classic struggle for power and only one person can save it prophecy that I love.
Triggers: mental health, loss of family, domestic abuse and has some violence. But I definitely recommend for anyone that enjoys a slow burn, fated mates, and magical worlds. Can’t wait for the next one.” – Eugenia, from Goodreads


“I don’t even typically read this genre. I actually stick to nonfiction so this was way out of my comfort zone. That being said, I finished it in a few days! I couldn’t stop reading it. I took it with me everywhere I went! I fell in love with the main characters right off the bat and I’m DYING to see what happens to them in the next one.

This book transported me. One night while I was reading on my front porch a frog hopped up to me and I literally expected it to talk to me because I was in this other world! I’m a addicted to fantasy now! Brittany Bowman what have you done to me?!

It’s the perfect book to cuddle up with and sip coffee! Get it. Read it. Love it.

PS she made a Spotify playlist to listen to while you read!” – Jill S, from Amazon


This story starts off in a seemingly normal (our) world, aside from a hint of the MC, Aurora’s suppressed magical powers. The relationships between Aurora, her siblings, and her best friend are endearing. It’s also immediately clear that Aurora must ditch her despicable, abusive ex-bf, and put her trust in the protective, intriguing, mysterious Gavin—and more importantly, herself.

In the first part of the book, about 10/11 chapters total, we learn the set up for what lies ahead. However, there are so many surprises still! Bowman really got me with those twists!

Without giving spoilers away, once Aurora enters into the Kingdom of Elderon—well, even before that—the magic starts to set in and it’s wonderful! I was so intrigued by the magic, the creatures, the details, the different races, the darkness and mystery, and the politics.

I really felt for Aurora—she held a lot of frustration, confusion, grief, and potential within her. She steps into her own more and more as the story and her journey treks onward. We are still left with so many questions alongside her by the end—I cannot wait for the next book in this imaginative, gorgeous series!” – Kristi, from Amazon


Aurora’s fight to release herself from past demons that surround her after the death of her parents and brother stood out to me. Since she was little her mother has told her to hide her magic – so she grows up being ashamed of her power to heal. Yet, she will go on an adventure that will test her strength and all she believes to be the truth.

In all honesty, her ignorance at the beginning of the story is what made me want to rate this a 4.5 read. However, once I got to the end of the book, I saw how necessary it was for Aurora’s character development. Also, I think the author did an amazing job incorporating mental health/depression into this story. I think, in the end, Aurora’s fight to free herself of the darkness and walls she has built around her heart is what made me decide to rate this five stars instead. I also love how Aurora has an awesome support system in her brothers Ryder and Garrett, her best friend Kate, Kartcher, and Gavin(her love interest and protector).” – Wall2852, from Amazon


“Thank you so much to Brittany Bowman for accepting me as an ARC reader! I truly appreciate it 😊. Please make sure that you read the content warnings before reading this book.

This book gave me all kinds of nostalgic feelings. The description of the world and creatures that lived there made my think of some of my favorite video games like Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, WoW, and Guild Wars.Just kinda creepy and magical, my favorite! Please I want to go there 🥹.

Poor Aurora 🥺. Her heartache and then feeling like she has been lied to her whole life! I can’t imagine. Her progress might have been slow but you finally see her coming into her own by the end of the book and I am excited to see who she is at the end of this series. I loved her relationship with her brothers though and the banter between them made me laugh.

Gavin the dark haired mystery man who goes a little crazy when fighting. Really he does leave you with more questions than answers and I have a lot of questions. I’m curious about his past. You can’t help but love all the characters. Just know you are left with questions and there’s a lot of information given to you about who’s related to who… but I loved it.

This was a great introduction to this series and I cannot wait to see where this goes.” – my.literary.addiction, from Goodreads


Please read TW/CW because this book isn’t for everyone and contains darker themes. So if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. ⚠️⚠️⚠️

Thanks, Britt, for the ARC, and in exchange for the honest review. Now at first you would be in the modern world and it would be slow, but you know it’s the first book so I already expected that and my expectations were low, to be frank, but this book. As you go on the pacing changes around 25% and then it gets really interesting. I was in a fantasy slump when I read this ARC, but then the mystery of the characters got me hooked and intrigued.

While reading this book, you would be suspicious about a lot of things, and then boom there are a lot of things that you would think would catch you by surprise. Aurora is a headstrong FMC who is stubborn and would just go make decisions to find out what is pulling her to go back to her old home.

She has lied her whole life and she needed answers and she found them. Gavin is one mystery man who just needed to be there for Aurora. But holy crap he is hot. I can’t wait for the story to expand. The world is darker and there are more hidden political agendas and secrets that we don’t know of.

It just reminded me of Dungeons and Dragons because of a lot of elements in the game that I used to RP with friends and it just has Romantasy focus story to it. It had assassins, magic, casters, knights, It has D AND D!!! I LOVE IT!

Brittany really build this unique fantasy world, characters, and magic system that made me read the book till 3 AM and fought sleep. Loved it!

You will love this novel if you like:
💀Fantasy Worlds
💀Soul Mates
💀Dark Fantasy
💀Elements of Horror
💀Kind of enemies to lovers
💀Slow Burn Romance
💀Romantasy” – Lunarbookwyrm aka Phoebe, from Goodreads

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